Regio56 Real Estate Agents offer you services to let your house, apartment or investment property.

Letting your home?

Do you have a property you want to let shortly? If so, please contact us. During an intake interview we will accurately note your wishes. In addition, we will create a plan of approach that will be discussed with you later on.

In any case, this plan addresses the following issues and activities:

  • free valuation of your home or investment property;
  • information about legal and financial possibilities;
  • signing the rental contract;
  • professional presentation with pictures on this website (www.regio56makelaars.nl/en/). In addition, we present your property on the well-known national websites Funda, Huurwoningen.nl, Pararius and Huislijn.nl, as well as on international real estate and rental websites;
  • screening of candidate tenants (by their salary slip, employment contract and/or valid identity card);
  • visits of your property under the guidance of the rental agents;
  • assistance and advice in negotiations and the settlement of appointments.

After your approval, Regio56 Real Estate Agents will make the rental agreements. If the property management is arranged by us, we will take care of the collection of the rent payment and the deposit, on your behalf.

For information about our rates, please contact our Eindhoven office at 0031-40-235-1234.



Region56 Real Estate Agents also offer rental acticvities under the so-called "Leegstandswet". This pure Dutch law allows homeowners to rent out (let) their vacant property. This happens, for example, in the case of a long and difficult sales process. To rent out (let) your house under the Leegstandswet you will need a permit from the municipality where you live. You may also need permission from your mortgage provider. The rent amount may not exceed the amount stipulated in your municipality's license.

Regio56 Real Estate Agents can assist you in arranging the rental agreements, legally attached to the Leegstandswet.

For more information about rentals through the Leegstandswet, please contact our office in Eindhoven.

Letting commercial property?

Do you want to rent out (let) your investment property? For this purpose, Regio56 Real Estate Agents will make a plan of action, in close collaboration with you. Where necessary, we advise you regarding achieved and still achievable returns and a future vision. Regio56 Real Estate Agents form a fair partner and adviser. Together with you, we are always working to achieve an even better result.

In the letting of investment properties, management is a factor that can not be ignored. In order to achieve optimal results we have our own technical service and a separate property management department.

Please contact our headoffice in Eindhoven for more information, to make an appointment, or just for a cup of coffee: tel. 0031-40-235-1234.

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