Property Management

Region56 Real Estate Agents is your reliable partner for the financial and technical management of your rental or investment property.

We promise to provide you with exceptional care, since your concern is our concern!

Financial management

We ensure active financial management by:

1. collecting the rent payments in time;
2. deleting late payments;
3. reviewing the service costs;
4. providing you with an overview of the financial management.

ad 1. We will collect your rent in time
Delay in rent payments (see also item 2) will not occur at Regio56 Real Estate Agents. Due to our clear and effective collection policies, your rental income comes in timely and complete.

ad 2. We delete late payments.
In the rare case of late payment, we will return your rental payment with retroactive effect until the monthly payments are made in time.

ad 3. We review the service costs.
Service costs, such as gas, water, electricity and cleaning, we run on your behalf. We negotiate prices and quality. We also ask for quotes, make arrangements and carry out checks.

ad 4. We provide you with a financial overview.
You will receive a monthly financial statement and/or overview. With our extended services we take care of everything, because your concern is our concern. Want more information? Please visit us at our office at the Bleekstraat 33 in Eindhoven. You can call us for an appointment (tel. 0031-40-235 1234).


Technical management 

Regio56 Real Estate Agents can be contacted for:

1. support with technical malfunctions and the repair works;
2. the coordination of maintenance orders;
3. performing inspections in case of complaints;
4. requests for tenders, assignments and check for performance of maintenance.

ad 1. Support with technical malfunctions
When reporting heating problems, noise damage and other damages, we provide an adequate solution. We are available 24 hours a day and ensure that the problem is solved efficiently.

ad 2. Coordination of maintenance orders.
We plan the maintenance assignments and ensure that the work fits well in the schedules to prevent time loss and costs.

ad 3. Performing inspections in case of complaints.
As soon as there are complaints from tenants, we will register the complaint and see what is going on. A report will be written. Based on this, we will discuss the matter with you and the tenant to reach a satisfactory solution for all parties.

ad 4. Requests for tenders, assignments and performance check of maintenance
We will ask for quotes on behalf of you. After your approval, we will ensure that the maintenance is being carried out or that any problem is solved. We also ensure that this stays properly monitored.

Want more information? Please visit us at our office at Bleekstraat 33 in Eindhoven. You can call us for an appointment (tel. 0031-40-2351234) or click on the button below.


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