Selling your home involves complicated and often legal aspects. This concerns among others determining a real asking price, but also care of liability and negotiation. And there's more to consider, like the promotion of your home, the legal settlement of the purchase agreement and finally the process of going to the notary.

Regio56 Real Estate Agents can be very helpful when selling your property. Our up-to-date professional knowledge and extensive knowledge of the regional market offer great opportunities for you. Furthermore, our extensive network of potential buyers, co-brokers and industry-related organizations are also invaluable throughout the total sales process.


Your wish is for us the most important factor to deal with.

We guide and advise you, but most important: your wish is our concern. It's about what you really want and what you'd like to pay for it.

Sales services

Regio56 Real Estate Agents:

  • bring your property to the attention of the best audience;
  • continuously inform a large number of home seekers about the actual property listings. These home seekers are registered with us and may live in other regions as well;
  • provide a professional housing brochure with many color photographs, maps and extensive information. This brochure is manufactured by a professional advertising agency;
  • promote your property on relevant and well-visited websites such as Funda, Huislijn, Jaap and Zuka;
  • keep you informed about the value development of your property;
  • realize the best price when selling your property.

Regio56 Real Estate Agents guide you through the entire sales process and take care of the sales agreement and contract.

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